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Friday Night Live open mic nights provide venue for student performers

Friday, May 8, 2015 by Skyler Stanford

An open mic show where students can come and perform songs or play an instrument in an open and welcoming environment of fellow music lovers: this is the idea behind Friday Night Live.

Friends of Music (FOM), the booster club that hosts the open mic nights, has been around since 2008 but has recently been revived by its new president Peter Nelson. The open mic nights seek to allow students to develop communication and performance skills in a supportive atmosphere where they can meet other musicians and share their gifts with their fellow peers.

The lineup of the April 24 show was short with less than a dozen performers. Some of the students were: Nina and Natalie Gerardi ’17, Matthew Boyce ‘17, Brendan Dailey ‘15, Kendall Deutsch ’18, Izzi Cavotta ’17, Egan Mills ’17, Francesco Catricala ’15, Ryan Slinkewicz and Nico Avello ’16, among a few others.

A few of the performers are also in Drama Club, local musicals, Jazz Band, Orchestra, etc. although membership in one of these groups is not required to participate. The only requirement is that everyone who signs up has a desire to perform or even simply to overcome stage fright.

Nico Avello summed up the experience perfectly in one word: “sublime.”

Students who have a talent for singing or playing an instrument can get there early and sign up. Others can just sit back and enjoy. If anyone changes their mind or is inspired by their fellow peers, there may be an opportunity for them to join in during the night if time allows.

For more information on FOM visit their website, fomtoga.org (Facebook and Twitter). FOM is also looking for parent volunteers for open mic nights. The next show will take place on May 15th at 7 p.m. at Saratoga Springs High School in the Meade Auditorium (TA).

Skyler Stanford is a sophomore covering entertainment and other news for The Lightning Rod.


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