Ultimate Frisbee Club starts when the snow
Ultimate Frisbee
clears up; this year it will begin the week after the
BY Brittany Chase and Bailee Watson
spring recess. The club held bake sales earlier in
the month, and the money will be given evenly to
all teams for T-shirt orders, according to Trevor
Different students enjoy Ultimate
Kowalski, a captain of Ultimate Frisbee Club.
Frisbee Club in different ways. Alyssa
When Ultimate Frisbee starts up, the club meets
Stephan ‘15, a Saratoga Springs High School
on Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:00 pm in
student, said, “you don’t feel judged there,
Congress Park. “Wednesdays we basically just
and it really made me feel less insecure.”
mess around, but Fridays are the actual games.
Ultimate Frisbee is perhaps a lesser-
We play in the Frisbee field across from the
known club at Saratoga Springs High School,
Canfield Casino (in Congress Park),” said
but it is well liked by those who are in it. “I
Stephan. Anyone can join the club; there are no
feel like with this sport, everyone gets a
requirements or standards that need to be met.
chance, unlike other sports which, not to be a
“There’s about a hundred and forty members at
jerk, are full of skinny people. I really felt like I
the moment. We’re always looking for more
fit in there,” said Stephan. “Ultimate Frisbee
people to join, so tell all your friends to join
is open to anyone,” she added. Sign-ups
Frisbee club,” said Bennett.
occurred prior to the spring recess; the club
will now meet every Wednesday and Friday.
Tyler Bennett, another Saratoga
Springs High School senior, has been in
Ultimate Frisbee club since ninth grade, when
his older brother got him in to the sport.
Many people wonder what Ultimate Frisbee is. Instead of simply throwing a flying disc,
catching it, and throwing it back, “Ultimate Frisbee is more of a combination of different
sports, like football and basketball,” according to Alyssa Stephan ‘15, a Saratoga Springs
High School student. The goal is to catch a flying disc in the end zone of the opposing team.
In some ways, the rules are close to the rules of basketball: “you can’t move when you have
the frisbee, but you’re allowed to pivot and pass it to other players,” said Tyler Bennett ‘14,
another student at Saratoga Springs High School.