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Mr. Trombley: A History of Good Humor

By Foster Goff The Social Studies office at Saratoga Springs High School is a vibrant, bubbly bunch of teachers. As they walk through the hallway, they are eager to start a conversation with any student. Mr. Trombley is no exception. SSHS students and teachers love his sarcastic humor and his energetic nature, a manner that … Continue reading »

Mr. Wierbinski: Great Coaching in the History Department

by Jackson Cherry Saratoga Springs High School’s newest and youngest Social Studies teacher, Mr. Wierbinski, is making a big impact among students and staff. Since he graduated from The State University at Albany, where he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies just three years ago, he has become a well-known and respected teacher and coach … Continue reading »

Mrs. Chudy: Discipline on the Court, Commitment in the Classroom

by Liam Epstein Since this profile was written, the Saratoga Springs High School Girls Basketball team ended their 2020 season in the sectional finals. The team had a record of 21-2. Though she seems a normal teacher to some, her girls are at a pivotal moment not only for the basketball team, but for Saratoga Springs … Continue reading »

Coach Belanger: ‘Gym Class,’ a Haven for Inclusivity

by Abby Getz Smack! A student slapped the ball over the volleyball net. Cheers emerged from her team as she scored a point. This is a common scene in the Unified PE program where students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities unite for an inclusive physical education course.    The class is built on … Continue reading »

Mr. Rhodes: An Example of Service for Young Republicans

by Spencer Ripchik Mr. Rhodes puts down his magnifying glass, turns in his lab coat, and switches over to the political side of the Saratoga Springs High School. He waits for his forensic science students to leave his lab and opens his doors to the members of the Teenage Republican Club.  Mr. Rhodes has no … Continue reading »

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