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SSHS Moves on from Class Rank

By: Julian Silva-Forbes Administrators and teachers of Saratoga Springs high school hope to return students’ focus to learning by eliminating class rank, starting with the class of 2022. The decision came after years of discussion by a group of administrators, teachers, students, and parents on the Building Leadership Team. “Getting rid of class rank will … Continue reading »

Dolly Cairns Breaks All-Time Scoring Record for Women’s Basketball at Saratoga

By Spencer Ripchik Dolly Cairns broke the all time scoring record in Saratoga Springs High School Women’s Basketball history, surpassing the previous holder Jen Pennell, on Tuesday December 10th. Jenn Pennell had 1,518 points in her career and was at the top, until point guard Dolly Cairns sunk a mid range jump shot to put … Continue reading »

SSHS Film Forum

The SSHS Film Forum is holding their first screening of the Sixth Sense on Wednesday 10/29 in the TA from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Free for all Saratoga Students. The Film Forum holds monthly screenings of various films throughout the school year. This month’s screening is sponsored by the Paranormal Activities Club.

Horses Are So Sarcastic

By Ciara Anderson

Hedi McKinley (99) speaks to SSHS students about her experience as a holocaust survivor as well as her eventful and sometimes crazy life May 16th 2019.

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