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Street Outreach Project hopes to help homeless youth, offers volunteer hours

Monday, November 24, 2014 by Matt Seehusen

Too many children are living on the streets, and too many people aren’t doing anything to help. One organization, however, plans to do just that.

The Captain Street Outreach Project is an organization in Saratoga Springs, NY whose goal is to work with youth and families who are dealing with housing problems. Started in 1977, Captain has been offering aid to homeless and troubled families for over 35 years. On Wednesday, October 29th, Captain made an appearance at the Saratoga Springs High School Club Fair to promote their organization.

“Saratoga has a very underlying homeless problem that many people aren’t aware of,” said Samantha Annas, Captain’s Director of Homeless Youth. “We are trying to let everyone be aware of the program that we have, that way if they do need any assistance, we can be there to help them.”

Captain offers a variety of services for those who are in need of help. They assist homeless children with referrals for housing, rehabilitation programs, and even a shelter exclusively for youth, where children can stay for up to 30 days at a time. Captain also has a Bike Works program which gives children bicycles free of charge, along with employment readiness and family assistance programs.

“Helping these kids out is one of the most rewarding feelings,” Annas said. “It honestly doesn’t feel like I’m going to work every day.”

Captain is always looking for volunteers to join them in helping those in need. Interested volunteers should call (518) 469-7897, or email outreach@captaincares.org for more information. Volunteering with Captain Street Outreach Project may be a unique way for students to make a meaningful contribution with their service hours.

Matt Seehusen is a junior and contributing writer to The Lightning Rod.


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