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Ask Lanie

Ask Lanie Vol. 1 Issue 0

We will have a new advice column for students and teachers written by Lis Barreto and Danielle Morrone entitled Ask Lanie. To send a question, email asklanie@thelightningrod.net (if you prefer to stay anonymous, or don’t want to use email, use the form below) and include your pseudonym. 


2 Responses to “Ask Lanie Vol. 1 Issue 0”

  1. Why are we encouraged to use pseudonyms? That seems like an invitation to write garbage submissions. Are you responding to everyone who submits via e-mail and asking for their real names? I think it might be better to encourage students to use their real names and if they cannot, deal with that with them directly.

    Advisor Alone

    Posted by Advisor Alone | November 5, 2013, 12:20 am

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