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What’s in store for this holiday season?

December 19, 2013 by Vaughn O’Connor, Stephanie Chila, Andrew Farfaglia, and Andrea Barry

This chilly Christmas season, you can be rest assured that if you’re looking into anything Steve Madden for a teenage girl in your life, you’re on the right track.

“Anything Steve Madden, especially boots. That’s number one on my list,” said Molly Corning, a freshman at Saratoga Springs High School. Sarice Olsen ’14 agreed with Corning. She’d fall in love with a new Steve Madden jacket.

But, if clothes aren’t exactly your style, you don’t have to look any further than your nearest Apple Store. After speaking with several high schoolers, it’s confirmed that there are very few people who would be disappointed after unwrapping a gift and seeing that shiny silver Apple logo.

“All of my friends and I are asking for the same exact thing. We just want the iPhone 5s, that’s thing only thing we’ve really thought about,” said Alyssa D’Angelo ’16. While many desire the phone that has only recently been released, Rebekah Forsythe ’15 introduced a brand new Apple product that you might want to know about.

“My main thing is a wireless Apple printer. You connect your iPhone to it wirelessly, and then you can print all of your photos from your phone. I need it!”

Or, why not simplify Christmas this year? Skip all of those long lines and soccer moms fighting over the last sale item and give your loved ones their choice this year with some cold, hard cash.

“Money is the best thing, no wrong sizes or disappointments, that’s what I’m asking for this year,” said John Greene ’17. Before jumping right in feet first to the most talked about items, take a glance around, you might just find that very special gift for your loved ones.

“I want that greeeeeeeen!” said Greg Palmatire ’17.


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