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BOOK REVIEW: The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas

March 4, 2014 by Amanda Cummings

The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas cover

© HarperCollins

Exiled wizard Nevery Flinglas was walking down the alley when his pocket was unknowingly picked by a pickpocket thief named Connwaer, or Conn for short. For all of Conn’s trouble he got only a stone, but not any ordinary stone. Soon after Nevery catches Conn and is surprised because a wizards stone, to anyone but the owner brings death, and Conn is still alive. Now Nevery is interested in this thief and takes him in on the basis that he, for the time, becomes his servant. If Conn can find his own stone, which may not exist, then he can be Nevery’s apprentice. Until then Conn must be trained and schooled. Nevery’s friend is the principal; his name is Brumbee, and he tries to help Conn find his stone. While Conn is in school he befriends a girl named Rowan. She is kind to Conn and helps him learn how to read and write but she has a secret. Conn has to learn to find a way to stay Rowan’s friend when he learns out who she really is. All the while he is being hunted down by Willa Forestal and Underlord Crowe but he’s got Nevery’s bodyguard Benet to protect him. Conn learns there are more ways to survive than by being a thief and he constantly questions whether to stay one or become something better. Is Conn meant to become a wizard or is he to remain the most talented pickpocket just to stay alive?

This is a book filled with magic and dark secrets of the past. I thought the mystery was enjoyable and made the book more interesting. Also the characters had a sense of humor that made this a fast read. It was educational in telling of the viewpoints of a homeless/wanted person. One of the best parts was the secret code within the book.

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Amanda Cummings is a sophomore and The Lightning Rod‘s book reviewer.


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