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Book Review: Steelflower by Lilith Saintcrow

Samhain Publishing

Samhain Publishing

Saturday, May 3, 2014 by Amanda Cummings

Kaia Steelflower is a thief, pickpocket, assassin, and a sellsword. She is well known yet keeps to the shadows. Kaia is of the G’mai race, but she refuses that title. She was thrown from her homeland and almost died from twinsickness. Kaia goes by many names in the songs sung of her. She is good with her knives and sword and likes to travel alone…that is until she picks the wrong pocket. A huge man named Redfist held a seeker in his pocket along with other coins. Now she has a giant and a red-eyed demon to deal with.

Only wanting peace, she tries to get rid of the seeker but that brings her face to face with the demon, her twin. Along the roads, Kaia’s temper flairs for she can not rid herself of her unwanted companions. As she travels she finds herself meeting more trouble than she wanted, including more of her kind, bandits, dragons, a boy thief and a musical man. Kaia has to keep this lot safe all the while figuring out her newfound magic, which she did not think she had.

This is an adventure that will last a lifetime. I was never bored with Kaia’s sharp tone. She stepped down to no one which was cool. This book also had the makings of friendship and treachery. Kaia was always looking over her shoulder, fighting in her half sleep state, and protecting her group of tag alongs. I found some life lessons in the book but mostly it was just full of action and suspense.

Amanda Cummings is a sophomore and The Lightning Rod‘s book reviewer.


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