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Classic fairy tale “Cinderella” brought to life by Saratoga Springs High School drama club

April 13, 2015 by The Students of Introduction to Journalism

The Saratoga Springs High School Drama Club’s production of Cinderella ran from Thursday, March 26th, 2015 through Saturday, March 28, 2015. The fairy tale romance made its way to the Lowenberg Auditorium, backed by the very talented students of the Saratoga Springs High School Drama Club. The response was characteristically positive.

“I think Cinderella is a classic,” Kiersten Spero said.

“I think it was well cast,” said Ben Palmateer.

The leading roles were played by Carolyn Shields (Cinderella) and Liam McKenna (Prince Christopher). “Carolyn Shields did an outstanding job,” said Mrs. McCarty.

McKenna, who performed with Shields in Calvin Berger (2015), embraced his role and projected a regal vocal tone through show stoppers such as “The Sweetest Sound.” In fact, 16 of Cinderella’s cast members perform with McCarty’s award winning Choraliers.

The experienced singers and dancers among the Cinderella cast helped achieve a professional quality performance. The large ensemble added powerful energy to the show.

“I think everyone really enjoys the ensemble parts, like the dance and the opening number,” said Ben Jacob.

Although the cast members worked hard to achieve professionalism on stage, they also enjoyed sharing the experience with close friends. “I played Joy, the taller stepsister. It was a very fun role because my other “sister” and my “mom” were played by my best friends, so what we did on stage was really just us being ourselves,” said Izzi Cavotta.

The performers’ revelry enhanced a familiar story. “[It’s] harder to put a twist on it that people hadn’t seen before,” said Ben Palmateer.

Trae Dussault noticed some differences between this version and others he has known. “I thought it was a pretty good production,” Dussault said, “except for the fact that the dress wasn’t blue, nor was she a blonde.”

Despite the differences, audience members had plenty of romance and redemption to enjoy in the SSHS version. “I didn’t really remember the story so it was a whole new experience for me really,” said Richard Cholnoky.

For those who knew that tale and those for whom it was new, the design, lighting, performances, music, and story provided roughly two hours of solid entertainment. “I think it went well, and the product came out pretty well,” Cai Mossman said.

The cast and crew worked hard to realize the glory of opening night. “The workload has definitely changed for this one and we definitely were a lot more committed to this show; we had to spend a lot more time doing rehearsals and doing preparation for it opposed to other shows where we have felt a lot more ready because they were easier to do,” said Palmateer.

In the end it, was worth it. Ben Palmateer said, “It was a fun time.”


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