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Teachers and students “Deck the Halls” just in time for the holidays

Thursday, December 24, 2015 by Skyler Stanford

For the past few weeks, Saratoga Springs High School has been showing holiday spirit through a series of displays. The library, main office, nurse’s office, principals’ offices, and many classrooms have been decorated in great detail.

With the help of some student volunteers, Kim Diaz and Andi Reader, teaching assistants in the library, decorated the entire library with a holiday theme.

“It started with the tree and through brainstorming we thought up a winter wonderland [theme],” said Diaz. From the frost on the glass of the entrance door and around the windows, to the tree made of books, to the bookshelves covered in wrapping paper to look like presents, the creativity and the brainpower behind this project was visible. They even incorporated a few Hanukkah-themed decorations which, according to Myles Parslow, were a nice touch.

“I feel represented by the menorah…I’m Jewish and I’m not offended,” Parslow said.

The TA’s aren’t the only ones with holiday spirit. Many of the teachers have also joined in the fun of decorating. A few teachers organized a door decorating competition amongst the teachers and departments. The winner was selected by a group of anonymous students who were given a rubric and told to grade each door. There was some tough competition. Two teachers went all out to incorporate a Star Wars holiday theme and the student council decorated a door to look like Santa Claus, to name a few. The foreign language department ended up coming out on top. Although the prize has not been decided on yet, the efforts by all of the teachers and students were clear.

Mr. Ferris, a teacher from the winning department said, “I think it shows how our high school has a community feel…the competition was a nice way for people to come together to achieve a common goal.”

Photos by Margot Tanner for The Lightning Rod


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