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Pre-Prom: What students think

May 12, 2016 by Stephanie Zacharias

We have all of the important deets on what our students are thinking from the twerking and grinding to the after plans of the night.

Peoples’ thoughts about the theme “Through The Decades” vary greatly from “moderately interesting” to “creative” to downright “that’s stupid af.” Many students are kind of unsure about the theme while others appreciate the creativity. “I think it’s a creative theme and I’m curious to find out how well it works,” said Max Gaba.

Promposals are a creative way for prom goers to ask their dates in an extravagant way. Jake Kerr did just that, showing up with flowers and a poster asking “Prom?” to Lea Constantino. This promposal was questioned as a publicity stunt by the radio show Fly Morning Rush and ended up on many news outlets, but the truth speaks volumes as Kerr, like all others looking for a prom date, chose someone special. It was simply that Jake wanted to go with Constantino, and she was extremely excited to go with him to prom! She said she has plans for a Mani-Pedi and a dinner to prepare for the dance, and she can’t wait to bust out a personally created dance move called the Butterfly the night of the dance. When asked “do you think your date is handsome?” she responded with “Oh my god YES” with a huge blush and an attempt to cover up her beautiful smile. It is clear as day that Lea in her blue prom dress accompanied by her date will wow the crowd!

Grace Kabanuk, an 11th grader here at SSHS, was promposed to by her date who made her favorite dessert that spelled “PROM?” and gave her flowers. Heather Fiacco, an 11th grader, was promposed to while dying Easter eggs. Another anonymous student stated, “I offered a girl donuts with a caption on the box saying I don’t know who else to ask…”

While some enthusiastically invite the promposal, others prefer a casual side. “Personally, I have the belief that “promposals” are kinda dumb, and special, complicated, crazy proposals should be left for marriage,” said Max Gaba.

Many students look forward to getting their groove on with some sick moves and possible dance battles. Many modern moves such as twerking, grinding, dabbing, the Wobble, and the Dougie have people excited, while leaving others unsure. Some are even looking forward to the slow dances where they can pull in close with their significant other or even grab a strangers hand from the crowd.

For people getting ready for the dance, girls usually take anywhere from 2 ½ hours to all day, while the guys primarily stated 5-10 mins with some even admitting to 1-2 hours. When asked what is the best part about getting dressed up, answers such as “the pants to show off the goods” and “a chance to dress nicely when some don’t take the opportunity much” were common. “It’s too stressful to get the hair and makeup done perfectly.

And of course “My ass looks Pop’N,” said Kally Strums. Fashion signatures such as fancy socks, winged eyeliner, two piece prom dresses, snapbacks, and of course the stud bow ties are all on the checklists of students.

Guys show up in prime condition in tuxes or suits attire where they match their accessories to their date’s dress or they rock what they want with confidence. A girl’s dress is her prom baby; hours of shopping are spent finding the perfect dress.

Girls know it’s the one when they are beaming, such as when Christa Caimano said “I loved the color of my dress and when I put it on a bunch of people complimented me on it.”

The dance is of course a big part of the night, but after prom plans are extremely important. Many students answered with I will be: “Lit, drinking, getting friendly, I don’t know” and the most general answer “partying!”

Prom means many different things to students attending. One answer was “It is a cultural phenomenon created by big business to enrich themselves,” said anonymous.

“Prom means dressing up and having fun,” said Caimano.

“An Awkward dance,” said Will Watson.

“Just a good high school tradition, a good time,” said Conor Murphy.

“It means having fun with all the seniors and juniors of Saratoga Springs High School,” said Madi Dallas.

“Going camping in the Dacks with friends, I’m not much of a party person,” said Max Gaba.

Many prom veterans such as Madi Dallas and Grace Kabanuk had memorable experiences at prom while others are getting a whiff for themselves. So, are you hyped for a time of sick dance moves, awesome music, fancy clothes with quirky signatures, fun after the dance and most importantly making a memorable experience at your 2015-2016 Saratoga Springs High School Prom? Well, you will just have to find out!


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