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Saratoga Springs High School Class of 2017 and Student Council Election Votes Are In

June 9, 2016 by Skyler Stanford

The elections for the Class of 2017, the Student Council, and all of the winners for the other classes have been selected after the entire school chose from a variety of candidates based on their class. The 2017 senior class representatives have a big year ahead of them with plenty of important events to plan. For the winners, the hours spent campaigning and trying to attract voters have paid off, and they all express excitement for the coming year.

Every candidate did an exceptional job campaigning and getting their name to as many students as possible. The winners were the ones that went the extra mile by making posters and coming up to students directly. Danny Varsames, next year’s Student Council treasurer, said he baked cookies, brownies, brought in candy, made posters, and even buttons to try to attract more voters. “I really tried to get my name out there to underclassmen who also had a vote in the Student Council elections instead of just trying to appeal to my class,” Varsames said. The student voters responded very well to the delicious food and being able to put a face to the name on the ballot. This is especially true for the younger voters who would have not otherwise known him.

Izzi Cavotta, next year’s Student Council president, made food as well but also made a visible effort to listen to the ideas of every student she spoke to. “I wanted to know what they thought should be changed or improved,” Cavotta said. This is the reason she decided to run in the first place, – as well as having her own ideas, she wanted to be a voice for the students who would have otherwise not been heard. Danny Bonsangue, next year’s Class of 2017 secretary, feels very similarly about allowing a connection between the students and the officers so that everyone can work together. Bonsangue used social media to campaign, creating an Instagram and Twitter account in order to, “connect with people beyond what one could express on a poster”. He saw a lot of improvements that can be made for next year from being a student council representative in prior years. “Members just made decisions. We were supposed to meet every month and it didn’t happen…” Bonsangue said. He wanted to make sure he had a say but also expressed his desire to be the class officer “you can just come up and talk to”.

Students should rest easy knowing they picked an amazing set of students as their representatives. “I have a long list of ideas that I’ve gathered from students and so many plans on how to make them possible,” says Cavotta. All of the officers interviewed made it clear that they have an unquestionable interest in the consensus of the students and no one should hesitate to express their thoughts to them. With the level of excitement and drive in next year’s Class of 2017 and Student Council officers, students should expect a great year.

Class of 2019

President- Samuel Hogan

Vice President- Samantha Carlow

Secretary- Christopher Klimek

Treasurer- Peter Hoffman

Class of 2018

President- Carly Beckwith

Vice President- Jessie House

Secretary- Jessica Kohn

Treasurer- Matthew Larkin

Class of 2017

President- Konstantinos Tsitos

Vice President- Sammi Abate

Secretary- Danny Bonsangue

Treasurer- Tom O`Brien

Student Council

President- Izzi Cavotta

Vice President- Devin Davidson

Board of Education Liason- Sarah Daoui

Secretary- Mimi Liebers

Treasurer- Danny Varsames

Public Relations- William Sorel


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