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Students and Faculty Speak on the Senior Class Superlatives

By: Gillian Schrader

Senior class superlatives have had a positive impact at Saratoga Springs high school. The students and faculty explain their thoughts on these witty descriptions of the students of the Class of 2017.
“I like them personally…some of my friends are meant for them” said Azrielle Villanueva, a student at Saratoga Springs High school. For many students like Villanueva the superlatives make students feel appreciated for their unique personalities or talents. Superlatives like; “Most Artistic”, “Most Athletic”, and “Most likely to Succeed” highlight students that have applied themselves to their studies or their talents and allow them to feel valued by their peers.
Mr. Miller, social studies teacher, and representative of the student council and class officers re-instates this by saying, “If it’s done in the spirit of people who actually deserve them or have a positive impact in different areas, it’s a good thing”. The superlatives say to students that their classmates don’t just see them for their appearance but their radiant personalities and talents that demand to be noticed. For the students who deserve these acknowledgments it can be greatly reassuring.
Out of all of the people interviewed the superlatives are simply, “something to look back on” as said by Grace Kabanuk (a student at SSHS). Students who cared about the school, whether through sports, clubs, or academic opportunities will be remembered for their gifts instead of through rumors. The superlatives through this lens becomes less about popularity and more about celebrating those who wouldn’t have otherwise been recognized.
The senior class superlatives are a very important aspect to the class of 2017 student body and even the faculty of the high school. Everyone interviewed agreed that the yearbook is something that people look back on in ten to fifteen years. They allow people to be able to speak highly of the students they spent their four years with and explain to their children the times they will enjoy when they get to high school.


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