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“Sriracha” by Marteen review


By: Daniel Eaton

Photo by: Shannon Thomas


Marteen’s hair, clothing, music videos, and lyrics make him seem like a bust who will enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame and never be heard from again. However, the 16-year-old from Berkeley has gained immense stardom during the course of his short musical career. With the drop of his debut song “Sriracha,” Marteen has set up a name for himself on the music scene while showcasing his unique image, catchy lyrics, and goofy persona. “Sriracha” not only cemented Marteen’s name in the music industry, but also gave listeners a song which one can’t help but desire to sing and dance carelessly to after a few listens. What’s most impressive about Marteen isn’t the notoriety he has received from fans, but the recognition and respect he has gained from other musicians. According to Marteen’s website, he is set to open up for Khalid, one of the most impressive and developing young artists, in November of 2017, which will only increase his popularity and listening base. Marteen has also been able to reach out to young listeners effectively, which is why his name has crossed the lips of so many teens over the last few months. Many won’t give Marteen a chance in succeeding in the music industry due to his odd lyrics and quirky persona, yet his eccentric tendencies are the keys to his success. The intangible feeling that races across one’s body and mind after listening to Marteen can only be felt by listening to Marteen. Marteen’s unorthodoxy is his greatest weapon, and if he doesn’t attempt to sound or be like other musicians, his success is inevitable.


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