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Youthful Political Participation outlines SSHS’s new club

By: Aya Awawdeh


Saratoga Springs High School student democrats, Mattew Taylor, Sara Zlontick and Chrissy Demarco, submitted a club proposal to the district’s Board of Education. If approved, the Young Democrats club will start meeting in January.

“The mission statement of the club is to foster political participation while listening to various view points and opinions, said Matthew Taylor, founder of The Young Democrats club.

The Young Democrats hope to foster an open and inclusive environment for youth to discuss critical issues of everyday politics by open conversing, fundraising, and connecting with local Democrats in the District.

According to Taylor, “The Young Democrats is a charter of Saratoga County Young Democrats. The high school chapter “continues [the county organization’s] message of an inclusive open discussions about issues and incentives youth to make change,” according to Taylor.

“We are aspiring to organize political debates within the club to promote youth participation in making change.”

“Political activism, in the most obvious sense, is voting for your candidate, ” said Zlontick. “However, because the vast majority of high school students are unable to vote, political participation will center on fundraising and volunteer work, be that campaigning for your candidate, protesting, or calling your representatives.” Demarco conveys the importance of activism.” For me, political activism is using my voice, ” said Demarco, “whether it’s calling my representatives, or educating someone who isn’t aware of what’s going on.”

“While Matt and I are democrats (as the club’s name would suggest)”, said Zlontick, “we also want to stress that this club is open to members of all parties, so long as the discussion remains respectful.” Similarly, Taylor said “Just because we are the Saratoga Springs High School Young Dems does not mean that you have to be a wholehearted, full blood and a hundred percent democrat.”

Although the club has not had an official meeting yet, the club founders are outlining critical topics that raise controversy in the political arena locally and nationally. “I think it’d be safe to say that women’s health is near the top of the agenda… there’s several shelters in the area we’d like to help with… the homeless, in our city particularly, are a group who lack the attention and sympathy needed,” said Zlontick.


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